How To be a Successful Entrepreneur

(The Be-Do-Have of becoming and staying successful)

“I have observed that the only goals you achieve are 1: the goals you make a clear cut decision that you want to achieve.  And 2: you have a high level of certainty in yourself and your ability to achieve them. These are the ones that you actually come through on.  You have to be decisive and certain about your goals. Sounds awfully simple, but then I have never seen complicated theories work.

Renata McDonald

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What People Are Saying:

  • P.D. - South Africa


    This book should be required reading for anyone setting forth or operating as an entrepreneur.

    The author clearly has a wealth of knowledge in the area and lays out in very understandable terms the keys factors that must be grasped to succeed. It is easy to grasp and apply the data provided.

    One can cut through years of trial and error by reading this!

  • F.G. - USA

    Creative Director & Screenwriter

    This ebook is clear and concise if you're looking for something to help you wade through the confusion that sometimes occurs when starting or working with your own business, or even in someone else's for that matter.

    There is some sound advice in here and a good method of tackling some key points that can make or break your business and the prosperous future it can bring to you...if you're willing to do the work.

    For sure this is a good "appetizer" for someone "nibbling" around for a way to the "full course meal" that is; being a successful and professional entrepreneur in whatever industry.

  • S.F. - Germany

    Ecommerce Business Owner

    This ebook is directed at current Enterpreneurs and those who want to become succesful in the future.

    In simple terms, it covers the 
    key factors necessary to having a succesful business such as leadership, how to recognize a great potential employee, what costs should never be cut even in an economial crisis, etc. 

    It also goes over the main reasons why a company suddenly has less 'new business' and what one can do to remedy that. She explains it in a way that one can immediately start implementing those solutions to turn things around.

    No page was wasted with unnecessary stories or self-promotion - it was just exact solutions and advice based on her experience as a business consultant.


Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. What does leadership consist of?
  2. How to you handle group moral?
  3. What are Business Ethics Indicators and how can you use them?
  4. How do you define employee accountability?

About The Author

Renata McDonald is an expert turnaround International licensed business consultant, who traveled a             round Europe, Central and South America delivering workshops on the principles of the Hubbard Management System.  She has helped troubleshoot and bring back to prosperity countless of businesses from a variety of industries. With her unique service called Business Intelligence Business Analysis™ and her twenty plus years of experience, she has proven she can help any business regain their expansion.



  • We specialize in finding the source(s) of the trouble or non-production in a business.
  • There is an exact science to this. A business can be contracting or not growing further. In either situation there is something causing it. We find the REAL cause rather than the symptoms. We can recognize the difference between the two. Then we fix it.
  • We utilize many different tools, one being statistics which represent the vital signs of any activity.
  • There is a precise technology on how correct statistics are assigned, monitored and analyzed.
  • We have the ability to deliver hands on consulting, observe all aspects of operations and identify causes of lost time, both obvious and hidden. We design and implement new processes to reduce non-value added activities that will decrease overhead and increase profitability.
  • Our team has, combined, more than 30 years of successful executive and consulting experience.

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